We started Shoppies for a simple reason: to enable creatives to play to their strengths and start their own businesses

First of all, you own your brand and it's your business

We are not an agency and we don't treat you like an advertisement for our brand. You can engage in other business activities and you own your brand IP and all logos, brand names, and design ideas

You can get started with little to no cash out 

Our Rev Share Program allows select creators to create their own brand with no cash out and get 20% of each sale, and for creators who want more flexibility and more of each sale, our High Margins Program allow you to earn up to 50% of each sale

Our exclusive creator tools simplify all aspects of designing your brand

Our Brand Creator Tools and Shop Creator Tools allows you to customize every aspect of your brand from your storefront to the packaging design, right down to the box it arrives in and the text in the product description in your shop, no technical skills needed

We handle all the logistical hassles of running your business

Shoppies manages and pays for payment processing, shipping, customer service, returns, regulatory compliance, insurances, quality-assurance, and the entire supply chain so you can focus on building your brand

We provide tools to help you grow your business 

Use our Team Dashboard to recruit and pay teammates, Analytics Dashboard to track and improve your shop's performance, and rest easy knowing your customers trust they're getting best-in-class order fulfillment, customer service, and returns

Want to become a Shoppies creator?

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If you are waitlisted, it most likely isn't about you, it's about our team's current capacity to onboard creators. We are backlogged right now but will move as quickly as possible to get back to you. Once you're accepted, you will receive login credentials for the Creator Portal. Here you will find all the tools to run your business.